Italian Fashion Patterns stems from a passion matured in over 30 years of experience in the apparel industry.

Our company is distinguished by the continuous research in modeling and models.

Quality, precision, and professionalism are characteristics that differentiate us, as we satisfy the most demanding needs of every customer: these are key attributes to perform a job with skill and efficiency.

Our company has a vast catalog of patterns for each type: Man, Woman, Boy, Girl; from more elegant garments to sportswear for any type of attire.

Our aim is to offer a wide assortment of models in addition to the advantage of a secure and easy online purchase, conveniently downloading files as soon as payment has been made. There are no waiting times and your purchase is immediate.

Our e-commerce provides any type of article, in the selected sizes, in a fast and efficient way for a production in series since each pattern contains all the necessary information for such a process.

Each pattern in our database is complete, that means that each piece is offered with all types of materials, any masks, adhesives and liners. In some models the seam allowances are also indicated; if they’re not indicated, 7mm is considered for sweaters and shirts, while 1cm is considered for all other types of items.


Our Italian Fashion Pattern patterns come from a process of creation of the piece of clothing through the use of special CAD programs.

After completing this process, a prototype is made and removed of all possible defects. After making changes to the article, it is then developed into all sizes and sent to production.

Upon the purchase of each item of clothing, a pattern already positioned for each different size and material (the main fabric, the contrast fabric, adhesives, linings and any other materials) is sent to the customer. This pattern is ready to be cut and packaged.


Italian Fashion Patterns wants to respond to a need to eliminate the pattern creation costs for companies that have production power; in this way, they will be able to create products designed and developed with the brand MADE IN ITALY.

Our articles are based on the quality, completeness, and accuracy of the product with which they are made.


We possess a wide range numerical and alphanumerical sizes, which vary depending on the model and category.

For each item, the basics sizes and development change.

Next to each model, you will find a table with the measurements of the basic sizes indicated for each model.

Here following is a list of some approximate sizes, some of which are available in very large sizes.

Items for MEN

Develop from size 44 to size 60 or XS to XXXL

DENIM develop from size 28 to size 42

SHIRTS some shirts develop to size 37 to size 45

Items for WOMEN

Develop from size 36 to size 50 or XS to XXXL

DENIM develop from size 24 to 32

Items for CHILDREN

Develop from size 2 to 16 years of age

Next to each item, you will find a "dummy parameters" button where you can view the sizes of dummies used to wear our clothing.

You can see this window here.


To purchase you must be registered.

If you already have an account, simply enter the email address and password chosen at registration.

Later, you will be able to select the articles and the corresponding sizes that you want to buy and at any time you can view your purchases in the shopping cart.
Once payment has been completed, through an online database, you will have access to their own virtual space in which you will be able to download your purchased files as many times as you want.


After placing items in the cart, the user can choose between different payment methods: by bank transfer or by credit card.

Once the order is placed, the customer will be able to download files online through an access to a database, from which the file will be available to download as many times as the customer wants.

Payment methods provided:

  • Bank transfer
    By choosing this form of payment you can pay the invoice amount in advance.
    We remember to add in the reason for payment: your customer number and order number.

    Account holder: Couture & Couture s.r.l.
    IBAN: IT67 H 05034 60360 000000001133

  • Credit card 
    Most major credit cards can be used around the world. In our shop we accept the following credit cards:
    • MasterCard
    • VisaCard
    • American Express



Delivery times are zero. As soon as we receive your payment, in your personal area, a download of the pattern you just purchased will be available on our server.


Once your payment has been confirmed and you have downloaded your data, you will find the following files in the archive you’ve downloaded:

  • .DXF File
    File used for the creation and modeling of patterns. It contains the 2D model of the size purchased.
    These types of files can be opened using modeling programs such as OptiTex, Lectra, Investronica and others similar to these.
  • .ISO File
    These files are generated from .DXF files and they are files used for cutting machinery.
    They are universal files, which means that any machine ready to cut material is able to recognize this format.
    Different .ISO files are present depending on the type of material that forms the item of clothing and depending on the size you buy.
  • .HPGL File
    These files are generated from .DXF files and they are files that are used for printing on paper the model purchased.
    To use these files just use any plotter, as this format is universal and therefore they are compatible with any type and brand of plotter.
    Different .HPGL files are present depending on the type of material forming the piece of clothing and depending on the sizes purchased.
  • .PDF File
    The pattern at issue will be provided on scale 1:1 through e-mail ONLY ON DEMAND.