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Cookies are small text strings stored in your personal computer when you visit certain pages on the internet.
To order products on www.italianfashionpatterns.itrequires that cookies be enabled. If you don't want to accept cookies, you will still be able to browse the website and use it for research purposes. In most browsers, cookies are enabled and at the bottom of the page you will find the information you need to change your cookie settings on your browser.
Cookies do not damage your computer, Tablet or Smartphone. Cookies generated by do not maintain personally identifiable information such as credit card details, but only encrypted information collected to improve your browsing experience on the site
Below is a brief illustration of how  www.italianfashionpatterns.ituses cookies and similar tools.



These cookies are essential to allow you to move around the site and use its features, such as access to restricted areas of the website. Without cookies the required services, such as online purchases, cannot be supplied.
Strictly necessary cookies are used to store a unique identifier in order to manage and identify the user as unique compared to others who are visiting the site at that same time in order to provide the user with a consistent and accurate service.
the memory of previous actions (for example inserted text) when navigating backwards towards a page in the same session.



These cookies can belong towww.italianfashionpatterns.itor to its partners, a session or persistent. Their use is limited to performance and improvement of the website. These cookies do not collect information that can identify the user. Any information collected by these cookies is aggregated anonymously and are used only to enhance the functionality of the site.
Web Analytics. The information collected is limited to the use of the website for the operator to manage the performance and structure of the site. These cookies can be third-party cookies, but the information will only be used by those involved in the publication of;



Cookies are usually caused by a user action, but can be also implemented in the supply of a service not specifically requested but still offered to the user. They can also be used to prevent offering a specific user a service previously offered and rejected. In addition, these cookies allow the site to remember your choices (such as user name, language, country of origin, etc.). The information collected from these cookies is anonymous and cannot track the user’s behavior on other sites.
remember the settings that a user has applied to a website such as layout, font size, color preferences, etc.;



Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can also choose not to accept them. You should not disable this function, as since this may prevent you from moving freely from page to page and to benefit from all the features of the site.
If you want to change the settings of your cookies, follow the instructions provided by each of these major browsers:

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Click the 'tools' icon in the top right corner and select 'internet options '. In the pop up window select 'Privacy'. Here you can adjust cookie settings.

Google Chrome
Click the wrench on the upper right corner and select 'settings'. Select 'show advanced settings' and change the 'Privacy' settings.

Mozilla Firefox
From the drop-down menu in the upper left hand corner select 'options'. In the pop up window select 'Privacy'. Here you can adjust the settings of your cookies.

From the drop down menu in the upper right corner, select "Preferences". Select 'security', from here you can adjust the settings of your cookies.

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